Eikonic is run by myself, Mitchell, a 21 year old Architecture student studying at the University of Sydney. I am based in Manly and have been studying and practicing arts for most of my life.
Currently (Albeit interrupted during Covid-19) I am working both in hospitality, and at an architecture/design firm as an intern, as well as doing freelance graphic design work. 
I started Eikonic to break down the barrier between icons and people, to allow us to see these icons as an assortment of geometric proportions, just as what could be done to you or I. Through this we can derive inspiration and admiration for our heroes without creating an unrealistic aura of relevancy. 
The product we sell here at Eikonic is determined by what you desire, as both the dictator of what is designed as well as the final product. The specifications for the product are seen below.
Framed: Depending on the size bought, the frame will be approximately one size larger, (If A3 is bought framed, A2 frame will be provided). The frames include a white matte board and are framed with MDF and Acrylic Plexiglass.
Print Only: All prints are printed on photo quality glossy 250gsm paper and are personally checked before shipment.
For any more information about myself or Eikonic, do not be afraid to message me on any social media platform, or email at enquiries@eikonic.com.au.